5 Top Tourist Places to Explore in Al Qassim


Al Qassim also referred to as the food market of Saudi Arabia, has many noteworthy tourist destinations that draw visitors from all over the world. Many tourist attractions in Al Qasim include old structures, charming towns, breathtaking high mountains, museums dedicated to archaeology, traditional villages, and more. The annual Buraydah Date Festival takes place in Qassim after the summer. It attracts travelers and farmers from nearby provinces and regions for thirty-five days. Furthermore, Qassim’s street routes and highways are well-connected, making it easy to get to the major tourist attractions.

Top Tourist Destinations in Al Qassim

Qassim provides the authentic flavor of Saudi Arabian tourism because of its desert surroundings. Tourist destinations in Al Qassim preserve the historical events’ uniqueness and significance as well as the deserts’ unspoiled natural beauty. Many pilgrims add many tourist destinations to their Umrah packages from USA when come to perform Umrah. Here is a summary of the best locations to see in Qassim:

  1. Uyun Al-Jiwa

Uyun Al-Jiwa, the governorate city, is well-known for its historic and prehistoric settlements. “The Valley’s Ponds” is how Uyun Al-Jiwa is referred to. The number of ponds that formerly encircled the area gave rise to the name. Various Thamudic rock drawings in the Al Jiwa area depict ancient people’s way of life. Finding some of the earliest signs of human life on Earth is made possible in part by these paintings.
Uyun Al-Jiwa is 51.1 km north of Buraydah, the provincial capital, in the northwest Al-Qassim Region.

The closest airport to Uyun Al Jiwa is Gassim Regional Airport. Taxis link to all main and lesser-known areas of the city from there. The Al Margab Watchtower is a mud-and-adobe structure that was originally intended to identify approaching attackers. A group of mud and clay-built homes called Old Uyun is another well-known historical site. Additionally, visitors can purchase a few trinkets from the bustling Old Souq.

  1. Traditional Villages of Qassim

Several traditional villages in the province of Al-Qassim have been maintained over time to maintain the integrity of their cultural heritage. Mithnab is one such settlement; it is located about 25 km southeast of Unaizah. Another settlement that has been protected is Al-Khabra Town, which safeguards 300 homes constructed logically. In the province, Madinah Al-Munawarah is well known as a hidden gem. There’s a mosque, a few old dwellings, and the less-traveled Jabal Aban Al-Asmar mountains reside there. Numerous historic markets with monthly festivals, auctions, and folklore games are held in the communities.

  1. King Khalid Park and Garden

King Khalid Park and Gardens is a great place to have a laid-back picnic with loved ones. A swimming pool, vibrant flower beds, lush green lawns, and a peaceful area to stroll in the evenings are all features of the park. All age groups enjoy a variety of entertaining events that are frequently organized by the park’s administration and caretakers. There are restrooms and picnic areas scattered around the park where visitors may also run into local businesses selling food and ice cream.

  1. Buraydah Water Tower 

A popular feature in the city is the Buraydah Water Tower, where guests may ascend to the summit to enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree panorama of the city. Buraydah Water Tower also supplies water storage for the nearby communities and holds a yearly water festival in the summer. A ton of eateries and restaurants in the area serve delicious food from across the world. In Al Qassim, February and December are the ideal months to visit. The normal temperatures during these months are between 20°C and 25°C, providing comfortable weather. Itineraries of two nights or three days are ideal for seeing the main attractions in the area. Saudi Arabia’s Al-Qassim is an underappreciated gem, yet there isn’t much information about the region online. Top suggestions for sites to see in al-Qassim that can add to your Cheap december umrah packages are the Qassim Museum, Qassim Traditional Villages, and Uyun Al-Jiwa.

  1. Al-Shinanah Tower

Al-Shinanah Tower is a magnificent piece of architecture that is perched on a hill. Representing the quintessence of the traditional Al-Qassim construction style, it is 27 meters tall with walls made of mud bricks. Given that the original construction dates are thought to have been somewhere between the 12th and the 19th centuries, it is approximately 200 years old. The kingdom’s rulers methodically rebuilt it even though it had been devastated in earlier conflicts.

Additional Sites to Explore

  • The Museum of Buraydah

The history of Qassim Province is illuminated by the Buraydah Museum’s architecture is reminiscent of Najd Fort. Antique guns, artillery, and other ancient items are on display. A few of the antique cars from King Abdulaziz’s private collection are on display at the museum. A library of books from different publications that offer further details about Qassim and Buraydah is available.

  • Al Bassam Historical Site

Al Bassam Heritage House is a typical structure with historical remnants located on the western gate of Unaizah City. There is an eating area, majlis, and open space in the heritage house. The tamarisk wood is used to construct the roof of the home, while stone makes up the base. Al Bassam Historical House is 3,500 square meters in total and includes a family space, garden area, animal enclosures, and a men’s welcome area.

  • Al Aloqilat Museum  

Numerous records about the first individuals to live in the area can be found in the museum, which is close to the city center. Maps showing trade routes and local exploratory work are also kept there. The museum features several exhibits that highlight the pre-Islamic history and culture of the area. As a result, four to five hours are needed to fully tour the Al Aloqilat Museum.


5 Top Tourist Places to Explore in Al Qassim